"It's not the honors and the prizes and the fancy outsides of life which ultimately nourish our souls. It's the knowing that we can be trusted, that we never have to fear the truth, that the bedrock of our very being is good stuff." (Fred Rogers)

August 2016

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Tuesday, March 15th, 2016 08:35 am
(Crossposted from LiveJournal)

A meme from [personal profile] wellinghall, who did it here.

Something I hate: Camping. My family tried it when I was in high school (another family we were close friends with were into it, and they'd invite us along); then, I tried a version of it when first married (the Man and his best friend co-owned a small sailboat, and we'd take it to campgrounds where there was a lake, rent a slip, and use the boat as our tent). Finally, I went with all three boys when they were Cub Scouts. Now, there were always fun moments, but only because I was with people I wanted to be with. The bugs, the rain, the claustrophobic sleeping arrangements, and the always feeling dirty were, however, a pretty high price to pay for said fun; and I'm happy to declare that, barring an apocalypse, my camping days are over.

Something I love: Cooking. I don't have mighty chef skills, or even the home version of those, but I seriously enjoy the whole process and used to take great pride in a recipe well executed.

Somewhere I've been: California, once, on a "business trip." No, it *was* a business trip, back in 1984 when I worked for the government as a misfit cubicle drone. A colleague and I went for a few days to consult with someone at Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena about some piece of software or other, and of course while we were out there we did some touristy stuff in LA (visited Universal Studios and various sites in Hollywood). I used the scare quotes because I think I was the most hopeless analyst the gvt. ever had the misfortune to employ, so that any money invested to fly me anywhere for anything related to "business" was undoubtedly not earned back in improved productivity or greater innovation.

(Gosh, have I ever devoted a post to how ill-suited I was to my first real job? Maybe someday I will.)

Somewhere I'd like to go: Canada. I know it's a big place, but I'd be willing to do the research and narrow it down, if I could get the boys interested in visiting Our Neighbor to the North.

Someone I know ... of whom anyone reading this might actually have heard? How about Curtis Armstrong, the guy who played Herbert Viola on Moonlighting and "Booger" in Revenge of the Nerds? No, we aren't best buds or anything, but we've been to enough of the same Sherlockian events that we have a nodding acquaintance. Super nice guy (but don't get him started on the subject of English actors coming to America, adopting Yank accents, and taking jobs from U.S. actors by costing less to employ -- it's a pet peeve, I learned).

A film I like: Casablanca, which I've loved since I finally got around to seeing it in my late 30s. A funny thing happened after the Man left, though. Whereas I used to be able to watch the film in more-or-less neutral mode, afterward I found myself strongly -- viscerally even -- Team Victor.

(Gosh, that one was easy. Several of my Very Favorite Films start with "C".)

Comment if you want an approximately-randomly-chosen letter.


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